Find The Emerald Pendant Necklace

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You are a college student struggling with a huge college debt. Your family is not exactly rich so you need to constantly juggle between studying and working. It is far from an ideal student life but this is the hand you were dealt with. You have no choice but to tough it out and hope everything will work out in the end. You probably already are an expert at flipping burgers, working the cash registries, waiting orders, and other menial tasks. With all the hard labor you worked for months on end, you have peak physical form. Thanks to your hard work, you are fit as a fiddle.

Trouble arrives as you suddenly face huge expenditures for school. No matter how hours you pour into your part-time jobs, the money you earn is not nearly enough. You have no choice but to pawn off your extremely precious necklace. It is made of emerald and a memento from your deceased grandfather. You promise yourself you will get it back as soon as possible.

Find The Emerald Pendant Necklace is a fun and challenging point and click escape game created by Games 2 Rule. Unfortunately, the person you pawned off your necklace to lost it in a creepy house. You must find it yourself by point and clicking the objects inside and solve puzzles. Good luck!