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Find The Easter Eggs

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You were invited by your friend to visit their beautiful village for the Easter. You never thought you'd be receiving such a kind of welcome from the people there. It seemed like you were some sort of celebrity to them. Everyone wanted to welcome you to their house and have you tried the food they prepared. You were surprised with how they were treating but you liked it. You felt the warmth from their sincerity to make you feel comfortable. It seemed like it was not only the scenery that was beautiful in the place. The souls of the people here were far more beautiful. You didn't know that while you were enjoying the company of the villagers, you friend was somehow feeling a little bit jealousy from not being able to interact with you. All your attention was focused on the people around you.

So to get back your attention, he hid all the Easter Eggs you brought. You were supposed to give them to the people in the village. You would still be able to give them away. However, you had to look for the eggs first. Play Find The Easter Eggs room escape game by Avm Games. 

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