Find The Easter Celebration House Key Game

Find The Easter Celebration House Key

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This Easter Celebration House was your assignment. Your colleagues saw how good you were at designing and nominated you to take care of the decorations for the house. You haven't had any experience with working on such a huge area before. But you were willing to accept the challenge. So you went there early and started to plan for the design this Easter. You wanted it to be simple and elegant yet bright and fun. You stayed out of the house so you could see how you would be able to make your plan come to life. After a while, you decided to head out once more to look for the materials to use. It took you a longer time than you had expected since art and party shops always distracted you from your original plans. You were finally able to leave the shop and went back to the house.

This time you wanted to start working on the inside of the house. You searched your pockets for the key but it wasn't there. You may have placed it on your bag. However when you looked through it, it wasn't there as well. Time was ticking and you needed to get started soon. Play Find The Easter Celebration House Key outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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