Find The Diamond Lion Statue Game

Find The Diamond Lion Statue

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Enjoy another adventure here everyone. Find The Diamond Lion Statue is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Best of luck!

The diamond lion had just been pin-pointed on where it's being hidden, it's in a remote and old village deep in the forest and as a hunter for treasure, Nelson was disappointed of himself why he haven't figured that out quickly, well he already knows and the next thing he must do is to get to it soon. The diamond lion is kind of a valuable item, even valuable than gold by weight for there is only one of that item and it's quite ancient, that's what is making it very valuable. A few hours of journeying through the forest and finally Nelson arrives, now the real adventure begins.

Nelson is not just going to knock on every door in the village here, he is already being looked at and it seems that he is not welcome. He needs to get his treasure-hunt over with soon for he thinks that if he stays long, the people will figure-out what he is really after. Escape players, care to join Nelson here as he finds the diamond lion in the village and leave the place safely? Go ahead everyone and enjoy!

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