Find The Diamond From Ship

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Celeste receives a new mission from HQ, the location is at a yacht just off the coast and the nature of the mission is retrieval for a treasure that is there. The item that needs to be retrieved is a diamond in the shape of a heart! When she heard that she immediately thought that this mission is going to be difficult, for whoever is she going up against is someone who is rich which is very likely heavily armed as well. But Celeste is pretty good with being stealthy though, and she thinks she can pull this off. Well the nervousness is still there.

Escape players, Celeste is now there at the yacht and she needs to be as silent as possible for her chances here is very slim, but not impossible. Will you help Celeste here get this diamond in the yacht and get out of there without being detected? The best scenario here is nobody will spot her and she’ll move like a shadow out of there. Help her accomplish that then and be quick with this but also surely.

Find The Diamond From Ship is a new outdoors item retrieval escape game developed by WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Find The Diamond From Ship


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