Find The Diamond Chain Game

Find The Diamond Chain

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Escape players, try this fun item retrieval here with us! Find The Diamond Chain is another new point and click escape game made by Games 2 Jolly, good luck everyone.

The diamond chain is most valuable than any mounds of gold one can ever find. As a treasure-hunter, Dayle had been trying his best to find that said valuable item until one day, he found a tip where that chain might be and he is not going to like the location. Dayle found an old diary which stated the last location of the necklace, he did his best not to destroy the artifact for it's really old. At last he successfully retrieved that information after pain-staking work and in the end, off he goes there in no-time!

The location points to a scary lone wooden cabin in the middle of the forest, it's autumn season when Dayle got the tip, a season which Dayle finds scary for he had bad memories of it when he was young. But well he can't let this attempt of his for tomorrow, he must get this thing done before someone gets to that precious necklace first. Dayle knows that there won't be any rescue for him here if he makes a mistake, that's why he must not. Escape players, care to join Dayle as he retrieves an item from a place off the beaten path? Go ahead then everyone and enjoy!

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