Find The Crystal Skull Game

Find The Crystal Skull

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It's midnight but still Hannah is still going in finding the so-called crystal skull which is only known to a few people, it is said that it's still out there, but Hannah is confident that she is on the right track now, for she had collected so much data and that brought here to an old house which was scary-looking. Hannah is deciding not to go in that house and maybe do this the next morning, but she has information that the crystal skull doesn't like the sun and is known to move and hide ever so slowly whenever the sun is shining on it, in other words it might be even more difficult to find that skull when the sun is up.

Escape players, Hannah have already decided to enter the house but she is going to need your help here. Will you join her in this quest by entering the house first and then find that skull somewhere in the structure? Be very careful then, for who knows there might be traps in the rooms protecting that skull and it could be even dangerous to her. Spot clues and be ready for anything especially the spooks that might be guarding that skull.

Find The Crystal Skull is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Mirchigames.

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