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Find The Crown

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You found yourself in a great mess after accidentally pushing the transportation button. You have to watch over the room where travelers arrived and departed. At first you got so excited with the adventures they had to face. And the adventures they already faced. You were very willing to listen to the stories of each one. However, it seemed like they were endless. It was tiring listening to them. Your eyelids got very heavy as you watch the travelers go about their day. There was one very important task you had to perform. And that was to guard the transportation button as this will reset everybody's travels. You wondered why this contraption existed when it was so dangerous. The engineers told you that it was for emergency purposes. When pushed, whoever was having a hard time could easily get back.

But the one who pushed it will have to face a challenge in exchange. There was another way to make the button work. But this was not available to you. That was so you wouldn't feel overconfident with your post. However, they didn't prepare for your drowsiness. Your hand lose strength and pushed the button. You immediately found yourself in a strange place where you needed to find the crown to return home. Play Find The Crown room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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