Find The Christmas Toy Game

Find The Christmas Toy

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Santa missed an item again and he came back to north pole as quickly as he can for it. Well it's not exactly his fault for the one who loads the presents are the helper elves, so one of them missed it. Santa does not blame at all though, instead he just fixes the problem for it's an honest mistake. The item that had been missed was a ginger bread cookie toy, well it's not really a toy but some sort of cookie, it looks like a toy but is edible.

As one of the helper elves, it could be you that missed the item and it's a mistake really for missing an item is easy especially when the cargo is immense, which is always the case. Escape players, you all need to find that missed present for Santa's time here is very sensitive and must not be wasted. Find that item now which looked like an overgrown ginger bread cookie and give it to Santa pronto! There is a likeliness of solving puzzles here so do so now before Santa's time to leave drastically arrives.

Find The Christmas Toy is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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