Find The Christmas Rudolph Game

Find The Christmas Rudolph

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How could this be? You knew very well that Santa wouldn't be able to fly through the air without the help of Rudolph. The night before, you saw Rudolph just enjoying his time in the snow. He must be enjoying his free time. Starting tonight until all the deliveries were made, he wouldn't be able to rest. You somehow felt bad for him. And you even though of taking turns with him if only you could fly. Then again, this very special role was for him alone. Although he was privileged, he also bore so much responsibilities. You thought about all these while enjoying the warmth of the house. Then you realized you should comfort and give encouragements to him. So you stepped outside to spend some time with Rudolph before seeing him off. You wanted to give him some treats as well.

But as you stepped outside, you couldn't find him anywhere. You were thinking he might be talking with his fellow reindeer somewhere. However, you just couldn't find him. The time for their departure was getting nearer. You couldn't let Santa worry about this. So you decided to find Rudolph yourself. Play Find The Christmas Rudolph room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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