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Find The Christmas Gift

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Christmas is coming. You know that Santa is going to bring gifts for the kids. As for the adults and teenagers, well, you are incharge of that. Even though people gets older, you still want to give them something for their good deeds. With this, you inspire them to be good and keep humanity alive. There are so many people who's been good this year. You are eager to give them what they deserve. However, the gift that you are about to give is missing. This is the thing that you have to solve right now. You don't have a clue about where you left the gift. Thankfully, there are hints that lead you to where the gift is. However, there are some puzzles that you might need to solve before you can find what you are looking for.

The good news is, there are items around the place that you can collect. You can use those to solve the puzzles that you will encounter. You just have to use your logic to solve everything quickly. Time is running low so you have to hurry. Play this newest outdoor escape game by Mirchigames and Find The Christmas Gift. Good luck!

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  1. Date: December 29, 2018
    Author: dewed
    On the snowmen ... sometimes they didn't light up but made a sound. So not sure if it counted or not. [Reply]

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