Find The Car Key From Desert

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Wallace and his boy went on a father and son trip at the desert for it’s one place they haven’t been to yet. The itinerary is to go on the trail that moves in a circle around the desert and then back to the car before night comes, they just cancelled their camping trip there for weird stuff have been happening recently in the place and the authorities needs people to leave the area when the sun goes down. Of course Wallace agrees to this for their safety. The whole day they traveled through the path and discovered stuff as they go, nothing weird happened there all day though, well except for when they were about to leave something did and that is denying them to leave the place!

Wallace lost his car keys and he has no idea where it is now! He even scattered their gear already on the sand just to look for it, still nothing. Wallace’s boy was of no help already, for he had gone tired and was now resting at the car. Wallace is ridiculously tired too but he needs to find those keys so they can return home before the night gets deeper. Escape players, Wallace doesn’t want to get caught up with the weird happenings there as they speak of in the desert, so will you just help him find their keys so they can leave?

Find The Car Key From Desert is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Find The Car Key From Desert

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