Find The Candle Game

Find The Candle

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Come escape players, see if you can get this challenge done. Find The Candle is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Top 10 New Games. Good luck!

The scary place nearby will always be forsaken, for it had taken a lot of lives through the centuries and no matter how the people tried to destroy some parts of it, it would always be unsuccessful for it seems that it has some enchantment and it always springs back to life. The people had no other choice but to cordon the place and not allowing anyone to enter. As a resident near the area, Fargo made an extensive research about the place through the years, there has got to be a trick to it or anything that can solve its mysteries and to stop whatever is causing it to take people every time. Through the years nothing, no clue about it whatsoever until one day, he found what he was looking for.

There was indeed a trick for the place and that is to find a specific candle there which lays hidden among the rickety houses inside the cordoned area. Upon entering, one must locate that item first and when they finally do, they'll be able to escape out of there safely. That is a major breakthrough! It really won't be easy though but Fargo is going to go do it for it's all or nothing. Escape players, join him then and let's all find that candle quickly as we enter the scary place. Be careful now, for you don't know what dwells in the houses there. Enjoy!


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