Find The Bunny Pair Game

Find The Bunny Pair

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The valley is pretty silent that day but Gary is moving around in that area though and he was the only loud thing there! Well that's because one of his pet rabbit just escaped from its cage and it went straight to the forest nearby! Gary really needs to find that rabbit of his for it is a part of his breeding project and rabbits can be hard to acquire here in this area, one concern too is that there are hunter's traps in the land and that can get the animal in real danger.

Escape players, Gary is going to go and find one of two of his rabbits which was somewhere in the vast forest filled with vegetation, there seems to be only a few predators in the place but that's not Gary's number one concern, he fears that he might not be able to find the animal before dark and that's an absolutely unfortunate fate, will you join in as well and see if you can help Gary find his pet rabbit so the problem won't be too difficult to solve? Be quick then for its partner is getting quite uneasy now.

Find The Bunny Pair is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by WoW Escape.

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