Find The Blue Car Key

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Erin met this young man near the park and he seems troubled. Erin has no task that day and she was just roaming around the city, he might be lucky for she might be able to help him. Erin asked the boy what was wrong, he told her then that some girl took his car’s keys and now she is gone nowhere to be found! Why she took his keys is a mystery even for him, more so for Erin but maybe she can still help here.

Escape players, Erin is going to help find this person’s car keys here, but first she must find that girl who took it. Want to help here as well and retrieve those stolen keys? Roam the city with Erin here then, find that girl and get those keys back from her.

Find The Blue Car Key is the newest point-and-click item retrieval escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Find The Blue Car Key

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