Find The Antiquated Compass

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Try this retrieval adventure here escape players, enjoy! Find The Antiquated Compass is a brand new point and click escape game from Games 2 Jolly for more fun with us.

There was this compass which was so old, it predates the village which Rose lived and grew-up in. Rose was very fond of antique things that when she sees one, she tries her best to gain the item into her possession, legally of course. One of the items in her list was this antique compass and it was one valuable compass indeed. Rose had brought her best just to find that item, but even though it is rumored that the same compass was actually being kept somewhere in the village, she couldn’t find it for she can’t really break-into doors or steal anything here. But one day however, something happened in the village which had now given Rose the chance to find the compass.

One by one, the village people left the area mysteriously and it was somehow urgent. Rose doesn’t really understand why, but because this is happening, she now has an opening to get that antique compass somewhere in the houses here. Escape players, Rose is going to make her attempt, will she be able to without destroying anything? Good luck then and be gentle, for there are still people here which can see you as a thief. Have fun!