Find The Thanksgiving Gift 1 Game

Find The Thanksgiving Gift 1

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You were about to enter the supermarket when your god parents saw you and wanted to know how you were. You haven't seen them for a while since they moved abroad. But every time they come home, they would always look for you. You would usually be more than willing to spend time with them. However, you needed to be home immediately since your friends are coming over. You just stepped out to buy some ingredients. But you just couldn't just ignore your god parents as well. So you spent a few minutes with them. Just when you were about to leave, they handed you a gift. You were so thankful to them. Then you rushed inside to find your needed ingredients. You had quite a hard time looking for the leeks. Vegetables could sometimes confuse you. Add the fact that you were in a hurry.

You found it and you were on your way to the cashier. However, you suddenly remembered the gift you received. You looked through the things inside your cart but you can't find it. You must have left it on one of the shelves. So you must walk around the supermarket once more to find your gift. Play Find The Thanksgiving Gift 1 room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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