Find New Year Cake (Avm Games) Game

Find New Year Cake (Avm Games)

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When you were given the responsibility of organizing the party, you felt it was a huge task. You’re the type who has to double or triple check everything. It was not just an ordinary party. It was a party to celebrate the New Year and the coming back of your boss to the company. He left the company to study how business was in other countries. After gaining enough knowledge, he decided to go back home and apply it to his own company. Everybody was rejoicing at this news. He was a kind boss and the atmosphere in the company was not the same when he was not around. You rejoiced with them until you found out you had to prepare the event. Your mind was already racing as to the things you needed to prepare. However, you started to relax when you were given an assistant.

She was so passionate about the preparations that you somehow relaxed. She assured you that everything would be taken care of and that you just had to focus on your job. And you did until it was almost time for the party. You wanted to check on how things were going when your assistant was nowhere to be found. She left a note about the cake and you were willing to find it no matter what. Play Find New Year Cake outdoor escape game from Avm Games.

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