Find My Hand Camera Game

Find My Hand Camera

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Find My Hand Camera is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Big Escape Games for added fun and adventures here with us daily. Have fun!

The boss knows that everybody in the office got pretty tired lately of the non-stop work given to them, so that day he decided to throw everyone a party so that can change the office's aura and everyone can relax a bit. As one of the members of the accounting team there, Boris knew about this the day before, so he brought his high-end camera to photograph the event in high-definition. This is going to be a blast, but for Boris though there was more than just a blast for him there.

The party will be on soon so Boris prepared his gear and his photography skills, but there he realized he could not find his camera and no matter how hard he tried to look for it in his area, he just couldn't find it! Well that's the 'more' mentioned and it's totally not a blast for him, that camera had been to a lot of places including uncharted ones and it's most likely to get lost there, but in the office? That's just ridiculous. Escape players, care to help Boris here as he finds his camera somewhere in the city's biggest office? Go ahead then, good luck and keep your eyes peeled.

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