Find My Dancing Turkey Game

Find My Dancing Turkey

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Find My Dancing Turkey is a brand new point and click animal retrieval escape game from WoW Escape. Find that turkey somewhere in the house where a party is going to be held. Enjoy!

There is going to be a thanksgiving party at the house of Ginger and she had prepared two turkeys for the occasion, one is for the table, and the other is for entertainment. Entertainment, because she bought the only turkey that's different in the store, the thing was dancing and it's very unusual so, it's going to be great night for the family! But as she prepares everything for the party however, one of the turkeys just ran-off and it's a relief that the turkey escaped inside the house and not outside.

The turkey for the dinner-table is already up for cooking, the dancing turkey is the one that escaped and hid somewhere in the house which Ginger is having a hard-time trying to find. Luckily there is still time and now, it's time for the hunt inside the premises. Escape players, that turkey could be anywhere, but will you all be able to find clues which can lead you to it? Join Ginger on her situation here then and good luck with finding that runaway dancing turkey. Have fun!

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