Find My Colorful Teddy Game

Find My Colorful Teddy

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Ben's daughter is at it again with her things, for she just lost her teddy bear somewhere in the house and she won't stop whining unless he helps her. Ben is in a bind here for he needs to go at the office now but he can't just abandon his kid while her mother is currently out but will get back soon. Well there is still time before he spirals-down to being late, that's why Ben finally decided to find his daughter's teddy before she whines herself out cold.

That teddy bear should just be nearby and in the house especially, for where could that thing get to? His daughter didn't even get out of the house and surely that stuffed-toy is just somewhere hidden in the cabinets. Escape players, come and join Ben here as he finds his daughter's teddy bear and quickly too so he can think about what he is missing before he goes to the office when this is over. Find clues and scan every compartment in this luxurious house.

Test your skills in finding a lost item here in the house. Find My Colorful Teddy is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by WoW Escape.

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