Find My Bag In Abandoned Stadium

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You are a massive sports fan and you love to watch every game especially football. Now that you have extra money, you flew to Argentina to watch your favorite team play live. This is very exciting for you. You look like a true fan with your team t-shirt and face paint. However, there is something that made you doubt being a fan girl. When you stepped into the stadium, there are no hotdog stands all over the place. There are also no audiences that are cheering. Only to find out, you went to the wrong stadium. This is an old stadium and the team will not hold their game in here. This is a total mix up. You’ve been waiting here for hours and as soon as you found out that this is the wrong place, you quickly left your seat and went straight to the exit.

While you were walking, you realized that you forgot something. You forgot your bag and that bag is where your game ticket is. You can’t leave the stadium with that bag so you have to find it as soon as possible. Play this brand new room escape game by Games 2 Rule and Find My Bag In Abandoned Stadium. Good luck!