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Find The Movie Tickets

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Your friends scheduled the long weekend for your night out. You were about to back out when you heard you boss had reports for you to finish. However, your friends offered their help to organize the files for you to easily make a report out of them. You couldn't thank them enough but all they wanted was for you to join them in the weekend. You knew you just had to agree with them. Your friends took charge of the tickets and other needs. They just wanted you to be there. You were so happy with your friends' actions. You just stayed at home the whole time while waiting for their communication. Then a call came in your phone. You looked at it and your friend's name came up. She was in a hurry as she had an appointment before your night out.

She wanted you to take your ticket from her house. You laughed a little as you listen to her panic. You assured her that you would find it yourself. She was by the doorway when you arrived. You immediately went inside to find the movie ticket but you weren't expecting it to be challenging. Play Find The Movie Tickets outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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