Find The Magical Wand From Graveyard Game

Find The Magical Wand From Graveyard

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Your boss deployed you to the graveyard shift but you didn't think that he meant it literally. To your surprise, the service car brought you to the graveyard. This is not the job that you signed up for. You wish to get out from this place but the car already drove away. So now, there's nobody in this place expect you and the tombstones. You thought that this is really scary but there's more to that. When the midnight struck, the whole graveyard started to shake and zombies slowly rose up. You really want to escape but that is not as easy as you think it would be. The only way for you to escape from this graveyard is to find the magical wand. Its magic can take you away from this place instantly. However, there are puzzles that you have to solve before you can get that wand.

This is a big adventure that you have to solve. The zombies get creepier and creepier so you have to escape from this place as fast as you can. Play this brand new room escape game from Top 10 New Games and Find The Magical Wand From Graveyard. Good luck and have fun!

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