Find The Lovers Greeting Card Game

Find The Lovers Greeting Card

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After so many years, you can finally see each other again. Long distance relationship is not easy. But because of that love that you have, your relationship is stronger than ever. You can't sleep last night because of the thought that you can hug her tonight. Because of that, you made a greeting card for her so she can feel extra special. You mentioned about this card to her and to read it is the first thing that she wants to do. The problem is, the greeting card is missing. You have to go to the airport to fetch her but you can't be there without the card. With that, you have to find the card as soon as possible. Thankfully, there are so many clues around the place that can help you to Find The Lovers Greeting Card.

However, there are some puzzles that you have to solve along the way and you need to use your logic for those. On the good note, there are items that you can collect and you can use those to complete the puzzles. The airplane will land soon so you have to Find The Lovers Greeting Card as fast as you can. This brand new room escape game is from Top 10 New Games. Have fun!

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