Find The Lovers Greeting Card Game

Find The Lovers Greeting Card

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It's her birthday and you are about to meet her at your favorite restaurant. This day is very special for her so you want to do something special too. However, she doesn't like flowers and chocolates. What she wants is a genuine greeting card that came from your heart. So, you spent the whole night writing a greeting card for her. You can already imagine the smile on her face when she reads the letter. On the other note, you can also imagine her frown because you can't see the card in your room. This is the problem that you have to solve quickly. You can't be late on your date but you can't also leave without the card. Because of that, you have to move quickly and start looking for clues that can help you find the greeting card.

Thankfully, there are so many hints that can help you out. Aside from that, there are also items that you can use to solve all the puzzles that you will encounter in the room. You don't much time left so you need to hurry. Play this brand new room escape game by Top 10 New Games and Find The Lovers Greeting Card. Good luck!

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