Find The Lamp In The Desert Escape Game

Find The Lamp In The Desert Escape

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It is not a joke to go through the desert. It is too hot and you have to walk a hundred kilometers just to get to your destination. You can't avoid to stay at the desert even if it's night time. You know that you have to walk miles ahead so as much as possible, you don't want to stop walking. The thing is, the desert is pretty dark and you can't see the way clearly. Because of that, you have to find something that will light up your path. A lamp can be a big help so you have to look for that. There is a lamp in this desert but you just don't know where it is located exactly. You have to get that so you can continue with your journey.

Thankfully, there are clues that you can see around the place even if it's kinda dark. Those clues can help you to find the lamp quickly. You must solve some puzzles before you can completely get it though. With that, you really have to use your logic to complete this one. Find The Lamp In The Desert Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by Online Gamez World. Good luck!

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