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Find Golden Horse

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There are so many horses in this ranch but there is one special horse in here. There is a famous golden horse in this ranch and everybody wants to acquire him. This horse lays golden eggs so lots of people keep their eyes on this horse. However, the golden eggs are not the thing that you want. You just really love horses and you know that he is not safe in this ranch with these greedy people around him. You want to keep him safe in your own ranch so he can live in a stress free environment. However, this horse ran away from this ranch after learning that lots of people wants to catch him. This is such a very dangerous place so you have to find him as soon as possible.

You must help him to escape from this place but first, you have to look for him. There are hints in this ranch that can help you to locate the golden horse. Not only that, there are also objects that can bring you to where the horse is. He really needs a concern citizen like you so you have to rescue him. Find Golden Horse is a brand new outdoor escape game made by Zoo Zoo Games. Best of luck!

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