Find The Easter Golden Egg Game

Find The Easter Golden Egg

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There are lots of eggs on the farm but can you find the golden one? That is a challenge that you got to accept because you can keep the golden egg once you find it. However, you are not the only one who wants to keep it. All the people in the village also tends to look for the golden egg so you have to be quick and find clues that can help you to locate the special egg. Some eggs are just fake so you have to use your logic for this one. Because the prize is a big time, you have to work hard for it. There are tons of puzzles that you need to solve so you have to think smart. This egg could feed your whole family for the whole year.

However, you shall not snob the pink, blue, purple or other colored eggs. Because there is a clue in every egg that can help you to locate the golden one. Find The Easter Golden Egg is the newest outdoor escape game from Genie Fun Games that you will surely enjoy. Play this fun point n' click escape game and do your best to complete this puzzle. Have fun!

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