Find The Easter Gift Game

Find The Easter Gift

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You've been a bummer in your room for a month because of errands. The good news is, Easter is here and Easter is about new beginnings. Plus this is a holiday that you would love to celebrate. You did a very good job helping your mom for the past few weeks and she wants to make it up to you. She gave you an Easter Gift and that gift contains the key to the door. However, she wants to make it more exciting. She hid the gift and you have to find it so you can finally get out for your house. You really want to leave the house and enjoy the outside world so you have to find the gift as fast as you can. Your mom left clues that will help you to locate the gift. So you have to roam around the house and find those clues.

But not only that, she also left puzzles around the room that you need to solve. Find the Easter Gift as fast as you can and use your logic to solve all those puzzles. Find the Easter Gift is a brand new room escape game from Genie Fun Games. Good luck and have fun!

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