Find The Diamond Ring Game

Find The Diamond Ring

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You and your best friend live close to each other. You've been friends since elementary days but your friendship took a little break when you entered high school. Even during college days, you rarely see and talk to each other. However, one fateful day, your friend called you. And then you were reunited. Since then, you always make time to see each other and catch up with the latest. After a few years, your friend invited you to her wedding. You were quite surprised. But you knew it's the right time for her to settle down. But what surprised you more, was that she chose to live right next to you. So everyday, she goes to your house after work just to hang out. Then you would talk non-stop. Some secrets and worries poured out during these talks. One of these was about her husband.

For three consecutive years, she didn't receive any gift from her husband. You smiled a little as you know the reason why. Her husband was saving to buy her a diamond ring and he will be giving it this New Year. So she asked your help to find a gift. Find the Diamond Ring is an outdoor escape game by Enagames.


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