Find Cute Teddy For Riya

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There are very little visitors in this beach here at the moment, that’s good for Rick and his daughter Riya can have all the luxury of this place has alone. Rick just sat there and watched the beach and the horizon as far as the eye can see while his daughter just plays there on the sand nearby. Rick drifts occasionally and back again, at some point Riya called to him for there was a problem! At first Rick thought there was a giant wave coming at them or whatever, but actually it was just her for she lost her teddy somewhere.

Okay, nothing too serious, but Rick is still going to help his daughter for that teddy was kind of special to her. Now where could that teddy be? It shouldn’t be anywhere else for there is no way it could be somewhere else but where they are, unless somebody took it. Escape players, Rick is slowly starting to see that this teddy was really missing, okay then will you help Riya and Rick here find that teddy? Maybe it got buried under the sand or something so dig-up.

Find Cute Teddy For Riya is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Find Cute Teddy For Riya

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