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Find Bicycle

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You were very thankful that you learned to ride a bicycle at such a young age. Your father gave you one after finishing your elementary grades. It might not be such huge deal for others. But your father must have appreciated your efforts in school. And since then, you started learning to ride the bicycle. It wasn't easy for you though. You were a bit of a coward afraid of falling off and getting hurt. But you went through it all until you learned how to ride it properly. You were just thankful no one was watching you when you fell. After that, you were able to ride the bicycle with minimum difficulty. However, you weren't able to try riding it on a new place. So you fixed every little thing on your bike to ride it in a forest. The forest ground wasn't as smooth as concrete.

And you were expecting a tough ride. But you weren't expecting such a high level of difficulty. You weren't able to check the terrain and you found yourself on a steep. Your bike went a little out of control and you fell off. However your bike kept on moving. You immediately got up to catch up with your bicycle. Play Find Bicycle outdoor escape game by Zoo Zoo Games.

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