Finch Bird Rescue Game

Finch Bird Rescue

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The jungle is pretty vast and as a person who lives near it, Tommy knows that for he had been living in the place for years and he have not covered at least a significant amount of ground there as he hunts, gathers, and sometimes just sight-sees. Still, he traverses unknown areas there for opportunities of absolutely anything. That day, Tommy went to another place which he hadn't been to before, there he'll see something which will make him do something he hasn't done before.

Tommy found a cage and inside it was a finch! Well what's inside it is not exactly what bothered Tommy, but the fact that there is a cage there means there could be somebody living nearby! Tommy have been waiting for so long for some company, for he had been talking to his inanimate objects for years, now he might have a neighbor here. Still as he saw it, that finch won't do any good for it can't be eaten, and there are upon hundreds of them in the forest here so he decided to free the animal first and then find-out who the cage belongs to. Escape players, will you help-out on this to free the bird?

Finch Bird Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Mirchigames.

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