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Final Passage 01

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The ancient ruins is still a mysterious place and Edward who had set to there to discover what's the true purpose of it all only gathered little information and now he needs to leave as soon as possible. The said wilderness is home to wild animals and some can be very territorial, that's why Edward can only be in the area for a short while and return to the camp which was a ways away from the location. At the moment, Edward only has info about why the place got abandoned and that might be enough to speculate, that's why he needs to leave for now and analyze so they can proceed to the next step.

Escape players, Edward needs to get himself out of this wilderness ruins here and by doing so before darkness falls in the area, want to join him here on such an escape? Go ahead then, place yourself on the shoes of Edward and be very careful, for you might get caught in a trap or by endemic predators there which has the capability of taking-down humans.

Come and try your best on this escape everyone from ancient ruins. Final Passage 01 is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from First Escape Games.

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