Figment Wide Forest Escape Game

Figment Wide Forest Escape

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You found a new job as a designer. You weren't expecting your employer to be very demanding. He wanted you to submit ten designs a day. You had not much problem with editing. However, the inspiration for designs could sometimes be elusive at the wrong times. And it was one of those times. The deadline was getting nearer and you couldn't think of other designs. You knew stressing over it wouldn't help. So you boiled some water and prepared your tea. You sat by your window where you had a clear view of your garden. You inhaled the aroma from the tea. Then you closed your eyes to clear mind hoping to make way for new designs. You must have slept for when you opened your eyes, your tea was already cold. You stood up to go to the kitchen to add hot water to it.

However, when you turned around, you were no longer in your house. Instead you found yourself in figment wide forest. You had never seen this place before and you suddenly had some burst of inspirations for your designs. You looked around for your tools, but you had none. So you needed to escape this forest quickly to put your designs on paper before disappearing from your mind. Play Figment Wide Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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