Ferret Room Escape Game

Ferret Room Escape

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At the foot of the snowy mountains lies your log cabin. You are a hunter living alone with an old Bloodhound and a small ferret you found in the woods weeks ago. Going to town gives you stress sometimes when you need to get supplies because of your ferret. It leaves your pocket to wander around in curiosity and you'd end up looking for it. People are also finding it very beautiful because of it's purplish sheen. There's no other ferret like it. Furthermore, people are trying to buy it off your hands. One day, an old man hatches a plan to capture the ferret. He waits for your arrival and soon enough, the ferret left your pocket and went straight to the baited cage of the old man.

Ferret Room Escape is point and click escape game developed by Ainars for Escape Fan. Search for different clues around the house and fit them together to help him to get out. Good luck!


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