Feeling Rabbit Love Escape

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As David was going into the forest again to gather mushrooms which was abundant there, David takes note of the animals he passes by especially the ones that are familiar to him including these two white rabbits living in a burrow peacefully. The two were only wary of his presence, that’s kind of weird why they aren’t totally scared of him, but then that would only signify that the place here lacks other hunters and big predators which could go on and catch them. David passes by their burrow and noticed there was only one rabbit outside, he doesn’t think of it as something for he thought maybe the other one could just be inside. Well he couldn’t be more wrong as he continues his journey into the forest collecting shrooms.

David came to this area and found something he did not expect, a cage was sitting there beside some vegetation and inside it was a white rabbit! David never thought he’d see something modern here in all of this nature, but then it got to him, it could be that why he only saw one rabbit back there is because the other was inside the cage he is looking at right-now! David got very concerned and decided quickly to save this rabbit, he is going to deal with whoever set this thing here later, and on that he still confused why would such a contraption be there for he knows that nobody else is living in the vast forest here. Escape players, will you help David now as he carefully frees the rabbit safely and so he can also return it to its partner?

Feeling Rabbit Love Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Feeling Rabbit Love Escape

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