Feed The Hungry Rat

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Oscar is still pretty much figuring-out the tunnels here which basically his base now, for the paths are just going everywhere and it’s easy to get lost in there. The place was once an abandoned mine and it had been for at least a hundred years, until Oscar found it and decorated it so that it wouldn’t look and feel scary. The rest was history to him then and it’s like a second home for him. That day though, Oscar was testing his chimney system by first cooking meals in one room there just to see if the smoke is actually going out, and indeed it was! It was a success. Great! Now that his work is done, he can have his meal. But then after though, looks like somebody else wants that meal too and it’s one that had been helpful to him ever since.

Oscar had a friend rat there and he was big! But it wasn’t a menace though and in fact it was even helpful to him especially when he is going into new places down there just to see if there is toxic fumes coming from that area and the rat will definitely feel it. Thank goodness though that never happened before, and the rat is now kind of like a companion to him. Okay, of course he’ll give him some, but he is going to whip-up a new one though for he already finished the first course, but he just couldn’t find some of his ingredients though, and it could be somewhere down the caves or in another room. Escape players, Oscar needs to feed his helpful rat here too in the tunnels, will you be able to give him a hand here in gathering the ingredients to make another batch of soup?

Feed The Hungry Rat is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Feed The Hungry Rat

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