Federal Prison Escape

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The prison here is starting to slowly get uninhabited for the prison-move is currently happening. Group by group prisoners are being transported to a different and modern facility for this one despite being made of tough cement and stone, it is starting to degrade and a retrofit must be done. As one of the new officers there, this is some task definitely, for he wasn’t too familiar of the place yet but now this major task is going full swing.

That officer was Boris and he will be transporting the last prisoner that is being housed there to the new facility, it’s going to be an easy task but Boris was having a bit of doubts here, for that person is being house in a block he is not familiar with and because this place is vast, he might get lost. And surely because he kept thinking of that, he definitely did! It was ridiculous for he was suppose to know the place but now he is lost. Escape players, you don’t know this complex as well but because Boris needs help there, will you assist him so that this problem can at least be easily solved?

Federal Prison Escape is a brand new point and click complex escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Federal Prison Escape

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