Feast Game


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Feast is a brand new point and click restaurant escape game released by First Escape Games. Have Fun on this escape adventure here in an unmanned shop!

Here we present another escape series for you escape players, majority of this escapes will be in a place of food or dining, may you enjoy this one! Aaron is indulging in the silence of his shop, for it was closing time and he just loves the quiet after a long day of noise which the place endured, he somehow feels abandoned and isolated but in a good way for him though. Unfortunately though as he was ready to leave the place, that isolation became true and because he was the last person to leave his own shop, he could not ask help from anyone!

A mysterious thing happened with the door and now, he could not get himself out! What is going-on here? Aaron is pretty much confused why his restaurant suddenly went to lock-down for he doesn't have a feature for that, and his keys are even missing from his belt. Looks like this could be a sabotage, for his keys could not just disappear from his person. Escape players, want to try this first escape adventure from a restaurant? Place yourself on the shoes of Aaron then and good luck!


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