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Feast 2

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Here we continue or adventures of escape from places between decent to luxurious all around the city. Feast 2 is a brand new point and click building escape game released by First Escape Games for another fun escape with us! This game is a part of the first one as its sequel.

Aaron had successfully escaped from his own restaurant after being mysteriously trapped in there but you see, these challenges are not over yet. Still in the middle of the city, there is this huge hotel and as a kid who visited there with his parents, Dong thinks of the place was a big playground! He and his parents were going to dine in the hotel's restaurant and also, to meet some important people to them and well, Dong is not really interested because all they talk were business and stuff, so he just went upstairs to explore the hotel.

Dong went higher and higher through the floors and his parents seems to be unknowing of it, he continued on still until he somehow felt different. Through the floors, Dong had not seen one person since ground floor, that got him feeling abandoned and uneasy, that's why he rushed in the halls to find his way back but unfortunately, that resulted in him getting lost! There's really nothing wrong with exploring, but one must not forget to stay alert always for something like this can absolutely happen. Escape players, come and give Dong a hand here now so he can go back down to where his parents were. Keep your skills up!

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