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Fear Room Escape
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The abandoned ruined house is a place once occupied by a rich family but something happened there years ago that made its downfall. Now, what remains there is the house neglected and forgotten. Through the years, kids have been using it to win bets like whomever stays in the rooms there for long wins the bet. Only a few had ever successfully finished that bet, most would cower just by setting their foot there and nobody can really blame them for the place is indeed scary and has some history. That day, Elmo was given that same bet by his friends and this time he doesn't plan to lose.

Elmo became a victim of the house once and lost the challenge, but he feels extra courageous that day so he decided to take it on, little did he know he is going to fall victim of the house again but in a different way. Elmo finally enters the house and was instantly in the living-room, he was cautious and was trying to be calm, but the door slammed behind him and when he tried it the thing would not budge! Elmo is very close to panicking, but he can't let this get to him or he'll lose again. Escape players, will you help Elmo here navigate the house and find the way out as calmly as possible? Go ahead then and be careful, for the house is old and there might be weak points that can seriously injure.

Fear Room Escape is the newest point and click creepy indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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