Fear Factory Escape

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A factory normally produces goods and products for its consumers. You really need a job so you applied as a machine operator in a factory. Since you have a good resume, they immediately hired you. They have read your resume but you did not read the job description clearly. This factory produces everything related to fear. In fact, the company’s mission is to spread the fear all over the world. Hence, you don’t want to be a part of this company and any of its plan. So you revoked your application but they already made their mind. They don’t want you to bridge the contract so you have nothing left to do but to stay inside the Fear Factory. But you must follow your heart and do what is right.

You have to find a way to escape from the Fear Factory because your biggest fear is to choose the wrong decision. However, escaping from the Fear Factory is tricky because there are puzzles that you need to solve first. So find clues and use your logic to solve those puzzles to escape. Fear Factory Escape is a brand new room escape game made by Free Room Escape. Conquer your fear and escape from the Fear Factory. Best of luck!

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