Father Son Aquarium Escape

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Matt and his child will have some time together through the weekend, they will spend it that day at the city’s aquarium for his kid have never been there before. Matt knows his kid is going to have fun there definitely, for he himself did when he first came in there, the place is really like a living art gallery. It is very clear that the staff there takes good care of their aquatic life, for they all look healthy. At some point Matt and his child went to access this beautiful aquarium room, it was definitely awesome and the kid was wide-eyed when they entered. But when Matt was about to go in the room as well, something happened and now him and the staff there found themselves in a bit of a puzzling and concerning situation!

Matt’s kid just got trapped inside this said room and everyone there is all hands on deck now! The staff are scrambling but they couldn’t open the door as well. Matt needs to move as well for he was now concerned of his kid’s well-being here, he just hopes this will all end well and nobody will get hurt especially his child. Escape players, want to help Matt here in this concerning situation at the city’s aquarium?

Father Son Aquarium Escape is the newest point and click room rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Father Son Aquarium Escape


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