Father And Son Escape Game

Father And Son Escape

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Make haste on this rescue here in an old house. Father And Son Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Avm Games. Have Fun!

Through the years of different things happening in the village, the people there have finally deputized someone to be on patrol and among ten of the men who does that so, Burton was one of them. For the year, it seems that incidents of all kinds are not rampant and that really gave the patrolmen some slack for the last year was brutal. Strange reports would come about some stuff and they should be there to check those out. One day however, less than half of the men where on duty including Burton for their mates have gone out of town to visit a convention. Well that day something is going to happen and luckily, Burton was on patrol in the area.

Burton was passing-by the old house when suddenly, he heard an ear-piercing call for help and it came from the man who lived there! There are only two people living in that place, the man who was the inheritor of the house from his parents, and his son. Goodness me what's going-on in there said Burton to himself, looks like this is going to be a rescue now and there is a huge chance it is urgent! So escape players, what do you say in joining in the rescue here with us? Bring-out your skills and logic then, good luck with the save!

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