Fat Pirate Room Escape

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This pirate roommate of yours have finally come home again after a long time, he got even fatter now and surely that’s all the result of their plunders and the booze across the seas, surely if he keeps doing that then that can be the end of him, but at least he is here now and you had kept his place and his room there in good care. But as he tried to enter though, it seems there was something happening with his room, for he could no longer access it!

You have no idea what happened there and when you tried it yourself, it would not open. Okay guess you’ll have to access this emergency passage to open the room from the inside, but it’s only you who can do this for your pirate friend is now fat and cannot fit there. Escape players, you are in this situation now and you are going to help your friend here to access his room again as he will be staying for who knows how long this time. Will you be able to solve this problem here by opening the door and ultimately allowing him to get inside?

Fat Pirate Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Fat Pirate Room Escape

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