Fat Carter Escape

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Jonathan’s friend who was Carter calls himself fat Carter for well, he is really on the chubby side and also for his trademark, that’s because he has an online channel and it’s all about animals. That day, Jonathan was seeking for accurate information about pets he is deciding to have, and even though there is a ton in the internet for that, some were contradicting from the other, so this time he will pay his friend Carter a visit for he is smart when it comes to animals and also to finalize everything for him, but little did he know his friend will be needing more help than him.

Jonathan found-out that his friend Carter is trapped in his own house! He is in his room and he is trying his best to escape from there, well it’s a good thing Jonathan arrived for it’s only a matter of time until he destroys the door there. Escape players, want to help Jonathan here for he doesn’t really know exactly how to open a locked door and especially this for there is a possibility that the thing is jammed. Will you be able to help-out using your skills and logic here? Help free Jonathan’s friend Carter here then and see if you can all find-out too what happened.

Fat Carter Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.