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Fashionable Boutique

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For the first time in a long time, you had extra money. Most of the time, you only had enough for your monthly expenses and savings. You weren't able to eat out or buy new clothes in a while. But finally, you had some extra money and you just had to do the things you love. You didn't just want to buy at any local stores. Instead you wanted to visit a fashionable boutique. This boutique had not only the latest fashion but the most unique ones as well. After work, you immediately headed to the place to pick your outfits. You only had a few hours left before the store closed. And you felt that you wouldn't have enough time to finish looking for the best outfit you could buy. Still, you didn't want to feel rushed and believed that the owner would wait for you.

You brought a number of clothes inside the fitting room. Just when you finally found the perfect items, a thread got caught on your zipper. You were trying so hard to untangle it but it just wouldn't budge. So you looked for a pair of scissors inside your bag. However, it wasn't there as well. You decided to just use your teeth and it was successful. You immediately went out of the fitting room to find yourself alone in a locked boutique. Play Fashionable Boutique room escape game by First Escape Games.

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