Farmyard Escape Game

Farmyard Escape

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It's now dark at the farm and as a farmer's boy there and it's his first day in the job, he doesn't really know the place that well yet for he never really goes there before. That boy was Ron and he lives in the next village over, he took the job opening at the farm and now he lives there temporarily for he can't really take the long journey home everyday. That night, Ron was exhausted but somehow he still has some energy to spare, so he went-out to check the farm in the dark with the torch he has, he had seen various things earlier so he needs to check them again to fulfill his curiosity. But because he doesn't really know the place well yet, that became the main factor after he faced a problem there!

Ron just got trapped in the farm for the gates have locked! This is not good and he really can't call for help for the farmer for the guy is clearly cranky and that only means he needs to solve this on his own. Escape players, Ron needs to get himself free here from the farm and get to the house and just sleep, will you help him so he won't get into more trouble?

Farmyard Escape is another new point and click escape game made by Games 2 Live.

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